Thursday, November 6, 2014

Alfa Driving School


Video begins with a close up shot of the DUI lighted sign on the building along with the contact number for Alfa Driving school

Shot cuts away to a medium-long distance shot of the Alfa Driving School building.

Shot of customers entering the driving school

Jason Lynch, the driver’s Ed instructor talks about what the Alfa Driving school can offer in terms of benefits for the customers/students. ( there’s a shot of the banner with crucial information regarding hours and times in which the driving school is open)

Broll of Jason Lynch teaching a defensive driver’s class.

Broll of a student driving a car into a cone

A shot of Broll regarding excellent customer service.

Cut back to a shot of Jason lynch giving information about himself

A Shot of Broll of the Alfa Driving School car pulling out onto the road

Shot cuts away and goes into the car where the student and teacher are interacting

Video cuts away to Al Cediel

Shot of Broll of student parallel parking the correct way in contrast with the first shot which had a student running over a cone

Second to last shot of the video shows the camera pan to follow the Alfa Driving School vehicle driving regularly on the street.


Soundbite of the owner Al Cediel, talking about the history of the company while Broll is screened for the viewers.

Al Cediel talks about the unique nature of the Alfa Driving School

Owner giving a sound bite on the issue regarding new driver’s as well as problematic drivers. States that Alfa Driving School is good for all

Jason Lynch talks about the fact that customers can

Jason Lynch discussing moving violations and how the school will teach customers how to avoid them

Information regarding how the process of the reduction of points is done

Jason Lynch is giving the viewer some information regarding his credibility and why he should be trusted with educating them regarding the road code.

Jason Lynch talks about the fact that he was a Police officer for 11 years and that accidents are different collisions. He then differentiates between the two

Al Cediel instructing on how to properly negotiate a corner and use appropriate speed.

Al Cediel closes out the video by talking about why Alfa Driving School should gain the business of consumers out there

In the final sound bite for the commercial, Al Cediel states that Alfa Driving will get you back on your feet and back on the road

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