Thursday, September 12, 2013

The World of Underground Music

The World of Underground Music

Edubb Red Cup Lyfe tour made it mark late August at the Smithe's Olde Bar in Atlanta. The show involved a variety of thriving indie rock, pop, and hip hop artists who took to the stage, to showcase their talent in the quaint establishment. This event was pivotal in bringing light to the world of underground music.

In recent years the music industry has made Atlanta it's home, and a thriving ground for up and coming artists. As the numbers of those musically talented increase, the opportunity to succeed on a larger scale has become slim. The expected sense of competition was far from what was displayed behind the scenes.

 The hip hop artist Wurld took time to speak with me about his passion, and reason for making music."It’s really just an independent movement right now, I honestly just want to get the music out, and connect with the people.", said indie hip hop artist Wurld. After speaking with him, and experiencing the sense of support for other artists, it became clear their passion for the art of music greatly outweighed the hopes of fame, and fortune. 

Behind the lights, speakers, and blaring tunes, there was an undeniable atmosphere of unity shared between the talented artists. The event displayed a side of the music world contrary to what commercial media generates.

Paige Gaines

Pencils for Pupils

Wild Adventures Entrance

Teenager in Wave Pool
Child in Lion Photo

School Supplies Sign

Employees Collecting Supplies

Misha Hogan

Valdosta, GA. - Wild Adventures, an amusement park, water park and zoo all rolled into one, held an event called Project Pencils. Guests of the park received half off admission with the donation of school supplies. The school supplies go to Teacher Harvest, a project held by Second Harvest of South Georgia. Second Harvest of South Georgia is a food bank to more than 300 non-profit organizations in multiple counties in Georgia.

Schools in the area are most in need of notebook paper, pencils, erasers, glue sticks and folders. Thanks to volunteers and park guests, Wild Adventures reached its goal. From Aug. 31- Sept. 2, the partnership raised approximately two thousand dollars worth of school supplies.

“It’s important that we give back and help, especially when it’s for our children,” said Misha Hogan and events coordinator for Wild Adventures.

Wild Adventures is one of the largest tourist attractions is south Georgia and holds multiple fund raising events throughout the season. They are already planning for Project Pencils next year. To get more information visit: or

-Sherita Bond

Georgia W.A.N.D Protests American Action in Response to Syria, by Nakeshia Hill

Arriving at the CNN center Saturday, September 7, 2013, you would notice a group holding signs and shouting for peace. On a day many were enjoying Centennial Olympic Park's Fountain of Rings and the newest downtown Atlanta attraction, the SkyView Ferris wheel, protesters from the activist group W.A.N.D (Women's Action for New Directions) stood  with others across the street to speak out against the American government getting involved with the globally covered Syrian unrest. 

Different groups such as Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace and were also present to object talks of the US taking actions against the Syrian government. Charlie Abrams, a volunteer for the Revolution movement held a profound, yet simple sign pleading for rethinking in our culture. His message, "Look at the interest of humanity, not just America."

Organizing the peace rally, was the new Executive Director, Becky Rafter. After taking the lead in April, Becky has continued the mission of leading the organization in informing the people and standing up for those who cannot stand for themselves. The Georgia W.A.N.D. works to promote human rights, environmental justice, peace in action, and political empowerment. The 30th year anniversary is soon approaching and events like this help publicize the group and their mission. Her pressing statement, "Redirect funds to unmet human and social needs rather than militarism," leaves a feeling of purpose in one's mind about their local communities and abroad.

You can visit the site at and learn more about their events and get updates on social issues.

LaShawnda Gamble: The Festival of Delectable is Back!

SMYRNA, Ga. — The Taste of Smyrna- Festival of Delectable is occurring on the Village Green and Market Village Saturday September 14.

According to, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Smyrna natives will gather for food, fun and music all day long. Food booths will be set up on the Village Green to showcase restaurants in the Smyrna area.

Live music, fireworks, food and beverage venues will be available. The cost of entry is free and guest will have the option to sample food from any booth. Sample prices range from a minimum of 50 cents to a maximum price of $4.

For children, there will be an inflatable interactive Kid’s Zone with a Shark Slide, a Euro Bungee Quad Jump, a Rockwall, and a Roller Coaster Obstacle Course. The adults can enjoy the beer garden and at 6:30 p.m. listen to the sounds of the Francisco Vidal Band.

Every year Smyrna residents come together to celebrate the last festival of the summer by enduring in the tasting of local restaurants.

Softball For All Ages-John Storer

jdstorer12's SCCA Softball album on Photobucket

Every Tuesday at a sports complex in Woodstock, Georgia known as Hobgood park, men over age 50 gather to play the great sport of softball.

The Cherokee Senior Softball league operates out of Hobgood park and is specifically for men over age 50, and has individual leagues for men of all skill levels. Whether you started playing ball at a young age and never stopped, as did Coach and Shortstop William Weaver of the Manley Brothers in that league, or are just trying to stay active as an older man, softball is a great activity to be involved in.

“I played baseball in high school and loved it. Then it got to where I was a little older and changed over to church softball.” said Weaver about his ball playing history. When asked about why he chose the Cherokee Senior Softball league he said “The age limit allows me to still play when I’m 50, so I joined this league because of the age limit.”

An incredibly hot topic in today’s society is staying healthy, especially for the older crowd and those who work monotonous jobs during the day. “You’re active every game. You’re moving, sweating off calories, and it keeps you active. So the older we get we need to be more active, so it (softball) keeps us healthier, both cardio and muscular.”

Some may feel intimidated by the idea of joining a softball league, but when asked about the requirements to play in the league he simply said “just be able to run, catch, throw and hit,” so as long as you have some basic amount of skill, you would have no problem playing in this league. The Manley Brothers have yet to win a game this season, and unfortunately lost their game last Tuesday eight to seventeen, so if you wanted to join up, it couldn’t do anything but help.

Natalie Selman Photo Assignment

            Packs of wild dogs and coyotes are attacking and brutally killing a local farmer’s goats-- Steve Selman of Rome, GA has invested in a guard dog to protect his livestock. Last week Selman traveled to a farm in Alabama to pick up, Bear, the puppy he will raise to keep watch over his herd.
            These coyotes and wild dogs are preying on the innocent goats and Selman is not able to stop every attack on his animals. “Packs of 4 or 5 dogs would attack our baby goats; we were losing 4 babies a month and something had to be done,” Selman states as his reason for driving to Alabama to retrieve this puppy.
            Bear the puppy comes from a long line of protectors. The dog is a mix between an Anatolian Shepherd, a Great Pyrenees and an Akabash. According to the owner of Bear’s parents, all 3 of these breeds grow to be between 130 and 150 lbs. Along with their size they are said to be fearless, protective and bred to guard their master’s flock.
            With all of those traits, Bear is sure to grow into a strong protector of the herd. Selman is hopeful that his new guard dog will keep the baby goats safe from now on.

New additions to KSU by: Jessica Ibarrondo-Ramos

Kennesaw, Ga- Kennesaw State University is expanding. Recently there has been a lot of construction going on, on the Kennesaw State University campus. Rumors have been swirling about what exactly is being built around the KSU campus and for what purposes. There is new renovations’ being done next to the wellness center, in front of the student service center and behind it as well. Other construction has been taking place next to Kennesaw Hall and by the music building.

 We contacted a school official, Buck Harries, about the new additions to the school, he stated that some of the new additions include a sushi restaurant inside the student center across from the Chick-Fi-La and outside they are constructing a Tuscan grill Italian restaurant. These new additions are said to be completed sometime this fall semester. As for the other additions the completion dates are a little further out. The wellness center is the biggest expansion KSU is doing; remodeling and rebuilding most of the wellness center, adding in an indoor track, indoor swimming pool, new tennis courts and so much more.

They new expansion is geared more towards incoming students making the university more appealing to new applicants in the further semesters to come. Some of the work being done around campus is also merely cosmetic, such as the construction-taking place in front of the student center. The classroom expansions behind Kennesaw Hall, as well as the art museum being built near the music building and the expansion to the wellness center should all be completed sometime next year. Although the construction does get in the way of students who walking from buildings to buildings and all over campus, the construction is being done as much as “out of the way” as possible. Most of the new additions should be done some time this year allowing for the regular everyday life of students to get back to normal.

Jim Ellis Brings Volkswagen to Kennesaw by Paul Andrews

paul_andrews24's  album on Photobucket

The Jim Ellis Auto Group opened its’ second Volkswagen dealership on Labor Day. The new dealership, located on Barrett Pkwy near I-75, is not only Kennesaw’s first Volkswagen dealership but the Ellis Group’s 15th over all dealership making it the largest automotive group in metro Atlanta.

“Originally, this dealership was supposed to open two years ago as a 40th Anniversary tribute to the Ellis Group,” said Martin Powell, general manager of Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Kennesaw. “Regardless of how late it was this is still an exciting time to be a part of such an awesome organization that really is making history.”

Jim Ellis Automotive opened its doors in 1971 with the first Jim Ellis Volkswagen in Marietta, GA. Today, nearly 42 years later, Ellis remains President and Chief Executive Officer for the corporation while various members of his family including his wife, son, two daughters, and three grandchildren all hold a variety of other positions within the company hierarchy.

The Dangers of Safety

From cribs to strollers to highchairs to pacifiers, recalls on products designed for children happen all the time. In fact, calculations found at state that “about 42 percent of all recalls between 2006 and 2011 were for children's products.” This includes home child proofing equipment such as gates and latches. However, the real issue is not that the childproofing items fall apart or break. The real issue is that long before the item has a chance to fail many children simply take them apart. So is it safer to not childproof? Of course not. Just keep in mind that kids are pretty smart and will figure things out quick. A case that proves my point. I have a simple lock on my bedroom door with a sardine key that I had pinned at about 6 feet 6 inches high on the adjacent wall. My 3-year-old got the mobile off his sisters’ crib to reach high enough to knock the key off the wall. He then spent all of five minutes jimmying the lock as he has seen dad do so many times. So when it comes to plastic do-dads that are supposed to keep children out of potentially dangerous situations I’m a little weary. Especially since, “Kids make the perfect little scientists,” in science professor Karyn Alme’s opinion, because they are always so inquisitive and have no bias to stop them from experimentation.” And in that respect, one of the more common pieces of advice that you will find while perusing the internet, studying from the shelves at B&N/Starbucks or chatting with your neighborhood child psychologist/expert on infants on the subject matter is fairly simple. Don’t let your child… (fill in the blank here). I posed a question of this sentiment to Guardian Ad Litem, Ansleigh Ames-Clark of Florida and her response I think is rather worth mention as whimsical and classic. “Have you ever told your child ‘don’t go in the yard, there’s a snake out there? ’And what’s their immediate response? Bee Line for the backyard singing ‘A Snaaaake… where’s a snake I want to see the snake.’” The point is when childproofing your own home remember there is no such thing as “Child Proof,” kid resistant may actually be a bit more accurate… sort of.