Thursday, December 4, 2014

How To Tie a Tie - Brian Sneed, Tanner Wozniak & Noah Clark

How to Tie a Tie
Producer:     Tanner Wozniak
Producer:      Brian Sneed
Writer/Editor: Noah Clark
Intro: Close up of Tanner with tie around his neck.

Cut to Noah fiddling with tie before crying.

Close up of Tanner’s hands and zooming out to show him flustered.

Close up of Brian with tie around his head holding beer bottles appearing drunk.

Shot of Tanner on the computer and zoom out as Noah strangles Tanner with a tie.

Key Graphic “How to Tie a Tie”

Shot of Noah wrapping Tanner in a blanket

Side shot of Brian standing with shirt collar up with graphic Step 1.

Front shot of Brian standing with tie around his neck with graphic Step 2.

Medium shot of Brian tying a tie with graphic Step 3.

Medium shot from the side of Brian tying the tie with graphic Step 4.

Close up shot of Brian tying the tie with graphic Step 5.

Medium shot of Brian tying the tie with graphic Step 6.

Close up shot of Brian tying the tie with graphic Step 7.

Close up angle shot of Brian’s hands sliding the back part of the tie into the tag with graphic Step 8.
Close up front shot of Brian pulling collar down once tie is complete with graphic Step 9.
Zoom out shot of Brian straightening the tie with Brian giving a wink.
Shot of Noah dragging a rolled up Tanner in a blanket while looking around not to get caught.
Shot of Noah hanging from a tie in the shower all because he couldn’t tie a tie.
Photo of James Bond (Daniel Craig) in a suit.
Photo of James Bond (Pierce Bronson) in a suit with a gun.
Noah V.O.: Tired of thinking you know what you’re doing?

Noah V.O.:  Exhausted by spending so much time in the morning in front of the mirror weeping?

Noah V.O.: Tired of making a mess of everything you touch?

Noah V.O.: Tired of being wasted and worried about the way you look?

Noah V.O.: Instead of wanting to hurt yourself or worse, someone else! Let us, at “How to Tie a Tie” teach you how to take that thin piece of fabric and turn it into WOW!

Noah V.O.: Step 1: Get that tie over your neck with the thin side about halfway down. Make sure your collar is flipped up.

Noah V.O.: Step 2: Cross the long side over the short side at an angle resembling an X.

Noah V.O.: Step 3: Pinch at the X to hold it in place and then take your off hand and grab the long side and pull it under the short side then pull the long side towards the top and let it drop while still holding the X.

Noah V.O.: Step 4: Grab the long piece and wrap it again over the X and hold the long piece out.

Noah V.O.: Step 5: While still pinching the knot, take the long piece and go under again, and pull it up through the neck.

Noah V.O.: Step 6: Tuck the long piece through the knot and pull down.

Noah V.O.: Step 7: Squeeze the bottom of your knot with your right hand and pull the thin piece with your left hand until it’s tight around your neck.

Noah V.O.: Step 8: Slide the thin side into the tag on the back of the tie.

Noah V.O.: Step 9: Pull your collar down.

Noah V.O.: Step 10: Look good.

Noah V.O.: Don’t be this guy. He’s a murderer! laughter

Noah V.O.: Try and be this guy.

Noah V.O.: Aaaaannnd This guy.

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