Wednesday, February 25, 2015

College Commuter Issues By Maya & Erine

Title: College Commuter Issues
Writer: Maya Shealey
Producer: Erine’ Wauford
Appx. Time: 2:30
Yellow, black and white Kennesaw State University Sign (still shot) 
0:00 -0:03
Wide shot of Social Science building w/ globe and flag pole (panning)
            0:04 – 0:08
Student center with students sitting, chick-fil-a sign in background w/ stairs and card services in background
            0:09 – 0:13
Parking deck w/ Social Science building in the background
            0:13 – 0:19
Student walking towards Social Science building w/ Kennesaw banner on pole
            0:19 – 0:24
Night shot of Kennesaw Hall (zooming out)
            0:24 – 0:26
Card services Center (sign)
            0:27 – 0:30
Fifth Third (5/3) Bank
            0:30 – 0:32
Card services business hours sign
            0:32 – 0:35
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life sign
            0:35 – 0:38
Hanging “closed” sign in window (Bursars office)
            0:38 – 0:41
Night shot of James V. Carmichael Student Center (building 395)
            0:41 – 0:45
Interview #1 w/ Amanda Lam
            0:45 – 1:15
Night shot of The Commons Student Culinary Center (w/ KSU logo)
            1:15 – 1:18
Night shot of students walking around track in front of Kennesaw Hall
            1:19 – 1:25
Interview #2 w/ Brianna Simmons
            1:26 – 1:46
Zoom out shot of Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (w/ KSU writing on glass)
            1:46 – 1:52
Interview #3 w/ Malik McQueen
            1:52 – 2:25
Overhead shot of students sitting in student center w/ coke machines in background (panning)
            2:25 – 2:34
MS: Kennesaw State University is the third largest school in the Georgia university system.
            0:00 – 0:06
Kennesaw hosts traditional and non-traditional students; commuter and non-commuter students.
            0:06 – 0:12
Our investigation team took a deeper look into the challenges that commuter and non-traditional students face each semester and each year at Kennesaw State University.
            0:12 – 0:23
What we found will shock you!
            0:23 – 0:26
Students are being billed for services they can’t use.
            0:26 – 0:29
Banks on campus are closed, card services is closed, even things that college students live for, such as Fraternity and Sorority life are all closed by the time commuter students get to campus.
            0:29 – 0:41
So we took a deeper look into what’s really going on and how the Students feel.
            0:41 – 0:45
Interview 1 (commuter student) Amanda Lam:
            AL: I’m a commuter but I used to live on campus.
            MS: Okay so having experienced both of those, what would you say is the biggest issue?
            AL: I think the biggest issue for me is like having to wake up an hour before class, getting ready and going to class versus living in a dorm literally waking up five minutes before, brush your teeth and leave. And also, like living on dorms you can know what events are happening versus like commuting it takes you an hour and by the time you come events are over.
            0:45 – 1:15
While our investigation yielded strong responses agreeing with the issues commuter students face, there were also students who, as commuters, weren’t affected by the same issues.
            1:15 – 1:25
Interview #2 (commuter student) Brianna Simmons:
            MS: Do you feel like as a commuter student you face any real issues here on campus, parking, school or anything like that?
            BS: I mean you have to get up a little early to get better parking, but it’s really not an issue.
            MS: Okay, and as far as the activities that are available here at Kennesaw State do you think that you have pretty good access to those as a commuter?
            BS: Yeah I mean I was a competitive cheerleader
1:26 – 1:46
We interviewed the Vice President of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated and this is what he had to say.
            1:46 – 1:52
Interview #3 (commuter student) Malik McQueen:
            MS: Now as a member of a fraternity,  do you find there’s more involvement from commuter students or non-commuter students in your opinion.
            MM: Umm, I would say, umm probably non-commuter students more, we have more turn out from them because…especially at least on campus activities because commuter students usually when they are done with class they go back home for more rest and relax. But you know non-commuters they may walk around campus or they walk from their rooms. Its more…they have more accessibility to events on campus but I say to parties off campus I say we get a good mixture of both.
            1:52 – 2:25
After conducting a thorough investigation, it’s safe to say that commuter students face more adversity than non-commuter students.
            2:25 – 2:32

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