Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Assignment 2: Stephanie Butler and Chris Vernon

 Reporter I’m Stephanie Butler, reporting live from Kennesaw State University. Behind me is the highly anticipated fitness center being constructed.

Voiceover Both students and staff are excited about the new opportunities that the new Student Recreation and Wellness Center will bring, and they did not hesitate to express this excitement.

Coleman Duckworth I’ve heard a little about the new recreation center being built. It’s named after past president, Betty Siegel.

Adrienne Smith There’s going to be a lot more expansion on the cardio floor, and there’s going to be an indoor and outdoor pool.

Coleman Duckworth Currently I use the gym a couple of times a week. But, hopefully once the new facility opens, I’ll be able to use the different recreational activities, such as rock climbing.

Voiceover The new facility will include an updated fitness area, multiple courts for athletes, a multipurpose gym, rock wall, running track, indoor and outdoor pool, and rooms for student organizations to meet. The construction team is hard at work to make the plans a reality.

Cynthya Escutia I’m a transfer student from Lee University and I’m really excited about this gym, because my old gym had two treadmills and one elliptical. I think it was broken, honestly.

Voiceover Although students are excited about the new facility, it poses some concerns for them, as well.

Coleman Duckworth the only concern I could think of would be the increase in student fees in order to be able to maintain the facility.

Adrienne Smith I would appreciate a little bit more expansion; I just wish it was a little bit sooner.

Reporter With the rapid growth of the university recently, it comes as no surprise that they would want to expand the fitness center. This is Stephanie Butler, reporting live from Kennesaw State University.

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