Thursday, October 9, 2014

KSU Meal Plan (Arias & Robinson)

The New Student Meal Plan
Producer: Diana Arias
Writer: Quiten Robinson
Intro b-roll:  Sign of the commons showing and transitions to Diana Arias walking to the commons.
Interview: Diana Arias interviews Marketing Director Melissa McHanon
Interview with Student Joshua Lee
B-roll: Burrito bowl clip
Interview with student Ya’quesia Matthews
B-Roll: Students at student center various food choices,
Conclusion Voiceover: Melissa McHanon
I’m here at the commons what has now become the only option for Kennesaw States students to use their meal swipes.
D.A: Well thank you for having us today we do appreciate your time. We wanted to ask you what is the major difference for the meal plan from last semester?
M.M: I think there are two major differences, one we added more meal plans, we added more choices for students, there was a large gap between the 48- block 48 from last year, and then the next largest meal plan was a block 148. So we decided to fill in some of the gaps between to provide more choices for students and parents so that they have more options.  And we added dining dollars to the meal plan which has added structure to the meal plan.
D.A: So with the swipes you can only use them at the commons and the dining dollars can be used anywhere
M.M: Yes you can still use the dining dollars if you want to but you pay the retail price. It’s not considered the price that you pay when you pay for the meal plan, so its not a good value.
D.A: What do you think about the new meal plan?
J.L: Its kind of got its ups and downs I think.  I don’t know. I know that a swipe is somewhere around twelve dollars and when you use it at like boars head its not equivalent to the dollar value amount that you get here at the commons. You get to spend your dollar as a dollar as appose to just a swipe which is kind of good.
I like it because I get to eat anywhere at the student center but I don’t like it because it uses my swipes.
At the end of the day students are my customers and I want them to be satisfied with the level of service, I want them to be satisfied with the food that’s served and I want them to feel like they got a value.

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