Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shena Crawford and Brian Sneed - News Story

Sexual Assault on KSU Campus: Do students feel safe on Campus ?
Shena Crawford and Brian Sneed Script

*Insert Shena’s Intro*

*Up-close of University Village Suites*

B-roll of emergency sign

Brittney comes in

B-roll of two students walking

Maria starts her interview

Maria answers yes and tells why.

B-roll of students coming out of University Suites

Comes in Gavin and Sam

*Rolls credits* Audio
*insert news music*

Shena’s introduction

Shena interviews Brittney and asks her if she feels safe on K-S-U campus.

Shena asks Maria if she feels safe on campus and does she think K-S-U is doing all that they can to help prevent sexual assault?

Shena asks do they feel safe on campus and do they feel like they have an advantage of female students when it comes to avoiding sexual assault.

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