Thursday, October 9, 2014

Keaton and Greg Investigate the KSU+SPSU Merger

By Greg Bieger and Keaton Wheeler

In November of last year the merger between Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University was announced.

The merger would bring together nine schools from KSU and three schools from SPSU under one university that will house over thirty thousand students.

Dr. Michael Sanseviro, Dean of Students, is one of the Administrators making sure that the transition into the new larger university preserves aspects from both university cultures.

“I think… there are certain things that students experienced at [SPSU] that the students there don’t want to lose, and we don’t want to lose that either,” said Sanseviro. “So we’re trying to figure out how we create opportunities for those experiences to still exist but under the new rubric.”

Dylan Brown, currently a junior at SPSU and majoring in Mechanical Engineering, is in support of the merger, even though the university culture will change.

“I think overall it is a good idea. I see the loss of the [SPSU] name, the loss of many Greek organizations and losing their chapters and a lot of history,” Brown said.

Dominic Giusti, a sophomore at KSU seems to be relatively unaffected or even aware of how the merger will affect either school.

“It is kind of neutral to be quite honest,” says Giusti, “I haven’t really heard too much about it.”

There is no real way of knowing how this merger will affect, students, teachers or administrators until everything is finalized and both schools start under the new KSU umbrella Fall of 2015.

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