Thursday, October 9, 2014

KSU Football Scrimmage - Script - Whitney and Lindsey

1. Video:
Opening still: “Kennesaw State University Football Scrimmage Review”

2. Video:
Cut to B-roll of KSU football players practicing throwing drills.

“This Saturday, October 11… KSU football team.” (00.02-00.22)

B-roll of players practicing throwing drills cuts to still of “Curry Glass Kennesaw State University Football Player”

3. Video:
Interview with Curry Glass

Curry Glass: “Oh it … get started. “ (00.23-00.33)
Reporter, Whitney McMillan: “And…team?” (00.34-00.35)

Curry Glass: “My position is the tight end. “ (00.35-00.36)
Whitney McMillan: “Okay… week.” (00.37-00.39)

Curry Glass: “We’ve … people come out.” (00.40-00.50)
Whitney McMillan: “And are we going to win?” (00.51-00.52)

Curry Glass: “Absolutely, can’t lose.” (00.52-00.53)
Whitney McMillan: “Can’t wait!” (00.54)

4. Video:
B-roll of football players practicing another drill

Audio: “Let’s … football team.” (00.56-01.02)

5. Video
Intereview with pro-footbal student:
Whitney McMillan: “Are you … week?” (01.02-01:04)
Student: “I am … year.” (01.01-01.07

Whitney McMillan: “Will you be attending the game?” (01.08-01.09)
Student: “I hope so. Hopefully … everybody.” (01.09-01.13)

6. Video:
Interview with anti-football student:

Whitney: “Are you… team?” (01.16-01.18)
Student: “ I could… actualy” (01.18-01.19)

Whitney: “Really, why?” (01.20)
Student: “I’m graduating… affect me that much.” (01.21-01.24)

B-Roll of Curry Glass in front of the camera playing with the football.


“It’s interesting… go Owls!” (01.25-01.31)

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