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Promo Video Examples

Georgia Natural Gas True Blue Awards Rehabber's Superstore Commercial feat Debo Project South Youth Day id

Thursday, October 9, 2014

KSU Football Scrimmage - Script - Whitney and Lindsey

1. Video:
Opening still: “Kennesaw State University Football Scrimmage Review”

2. Video:
Cut to B-roll of KSU football players practicing throwing drills.

“This Saturday, October 11… KSU football team.” (00.02-00.22)

B-roll of players practicing throwing drills cuts to still of “Curry Glass Kennesaw State University Football Player”

3. Video:
Interview with Curry Glass

Curry Glass: “Oh it … get started. “ (00.23-00.33)
Reporter, Whitney McMillan: “And…team?” (00.34-00.35)

Curry Glass: “My position is the tight end. “ (00.35-00.36)
Whitney McMillan: “Okay… week.” (00.37-00.39)

Curry Glass: “We’ve … people come out.” (00.40-00.50)
Whitney McMillan: “And are we going to win?” (00.51-00.52)

Curry Glass: “Absolutely, can’t lose.” (00.52-00.53)
Whitney McMillan: “Can’t wait!” (00.54)

4. Video:
B-roll of football players practicing another drill

Audio: “Let’s … football team.” (00.56-01.02)

5. Video
Intereview with pro-footbal student:
Whitney McMillan: “Are you … week?” (01.02-01:04)
Student: “I am … year.” (01.01-01.07

Whitney McMillan: “Will you be attending the game?” (01.08-01.09)
Student: “I hope so. Hopefully … everybody.” (01.09-01.13)

6. Video:
Interview with anti-football student:

Whitney: “Are you… team?” (01.16-01.18)
Student: “ I could… actualy” (01.18-01.19)

Whitney: “Really, why?” (01.20)
Student: “I’m graduating… affect me that much.” (01.21-01.24)

B-Roll of Curry Glass in front of the camera playing with the football.


“It’s interesting… go Owls!” (01.25-01.31)

Keaton and Greg Investigate the KSU+SPSU Merger

By Greg Bieger and Keaton Wheeler

In November of last year the merger between Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University was announced.

The merger would bring together nine schools from KSU and three schools from SPSU under one university that will house over thirty thousand students.

Dr. Michael Sanseviro, Dean of Students, is one of the Administrators making sure that the transition into the new larger university preserves aspects from both university cultures.

“I think… there are certain things that students experienced at [SPSU] that the students there don’t want to lose, and we don’t want to lose that either,” said Sanseviro. “So we’re trying to figure out how we create opportunities for those experiences to still exist but under the new rubric.”

Dylan Brown, currently a junior at SPSU and majoring in Mechanical Engineering, is in support of the merger, even though the university culture will change.

“I think overall it is a good idea. I see the loss of the [SPSU] name, the loss of many Greek organizations and losing their chapters and a lot of history,” Brown said.

Dominic Giusti, a sophomore at KSU seems to be relatively unaffected or even aware of how the merger will affect either school.

“It is kind of neutral to be quite honest,” says Giusti, “I haven’t really heard too much about it.”

There is no real way of knowing how this merger will affect, students, teachers or administrators until everything is finalized and both schools start under the new KSU umbrella Fall of 2015.

Smoking Ban Desirae & Brittany

KSU Meal Plan (Arias & Robinson)

The New Student Meal Plan
Producer: Diana Arias
Writer: Quiten Robinson
Intro b-roll:  Sign of the commons showing and transitions to Diana Arias walking to the commons.
Interview: Diana Arias interviews Marketing Director Melissa McHanon
Interview with Student Joshua Lee
B-roll: Burrito bowl clip
Interview with student Ya’quesia Matthews
B-Roll: Students at student center various food choices,
Conclusion Voiceover: Melissa McHanon
I’m here at the commons what has now become the only option for Kennesaw States students to use their meal swipes.
D.A: Well thank you for having us today we do appreciate your time. We wanted to ask you what is the major difference for the meal plan from last semester?
M.M: I think there are two major differences, one we added more meal plans, we added more choices for students, there was a large gap between the 48- block 48 from last year, and then the next largest meal plan was a block 148. So we decided to fill in some of the gaps between to provide more choices for students and parents so that they have more options.  And we added dining dollars to the meal plan which has added structure to the meal plan.
D.A: So with the swipes you can only use them at the commons and the dining dollars can be used anywhere
M.M: Yes you can still use the dining dollars if you want to but you pay the retail price. It’s not considered the price that you pay when you pay for the meal plan, so its not a good value.
D.A: What do you think about the new meal plan?
J.L: Its kind of got its ups and downs I think.  I don’t know. I know that a swipe is somewhere around twelve dollars and when you use it at like boars head its not equivalent to the dollar value amount that you get here at the commons. You get to spend your dollar as a dollar as appose to just a swipe which is kind of good.
I like it because I get to eat anywhere at the student center but I don’t like it because it uses my swipes.
At the end of the day students are my customers and I want them to be satisfied with the level of service, I want them to be satisfied with the food that’s served and I want them to feel like they got a value.

Shena Crawford and Brian Sneed - News Story

Sexual Assault on KSU Campus: Do students feel safe on Campus ?
Shena Crawford and Brian Sneed Script

*Insert Shena’s Intro*

*Up-close of University Village Suites*

B-roll of emergency sign

Brittney comes in

B-roll of two students walking

Maria starts her interview

Maria answers yes and tells why.

B-roll of students coming out of University Suites

Comes in Gavin and Sam

*Rolls credits* Audio
*insert news music*

Shena’s introduction

Shena interviews Brittney and asks her if she feels safe on K-S-U campus.

Shena asks Maria if she feels safe on campus and does she think K-S-U is doing all that they can to help prevent sexual assault?

Shena asks do they feel safe on campus and do they feel like they have an advantage of female students when it comes to avoiding sexual assault.

KSU Men News Report - Matthew Gillies and Bart Stever

KSU Men's Script

Starts with a close up of KSU Men's banner
Cuts to the B-roll of KSU Men's meeting
Interview with Sage Gerard
Shot of Broll
Interview with Ameena Douglas(student)
Interview with Ashley Richards (student)
Shot of B-roll
Interview with Michael Foster
Shot of B-roll
Closing statements

Introduction to the video
"The Subject of Men's rights vs women's right have been a hotly debated topic for the better part of a century. Ksu Men is a non-feminist club on campus which has drawn a lot of controversy as of late in response to their stance on women's rights.

Sage Gerard, the president and founder of the club, has been the group's most outspoken voice. He states that much of the opposition of KSU Men, also known as KSUM is unfounded.

Narration and B-roll : Still KSU Men remains at the forefront of controversy as many students on campus either have mixed emotions, or are completely against it.

The Group holds a meeting every Monday and Thursday at 4:30 pm and is open to both male and female members. As it stands right now, KSUM has a total of 17 members, 5 of which are females.

The upcoming KSUM conference, scheduled in November is set to be protested by those who disagree with the purpose of the club.

As of now, KSU Men remains active on campus. This is Matthew Gillies and Bart Stever reporting for KSU News.

Kennesaw State Parking Problems - Noah Clark and Tanner Wozniak

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Assignment 2: Stephanie Butler and Chris Vernon

 Reporter I’m Stephanie Butler, reporting live from Kennesaw State University. Behind me is the highly anticipated fitness center being constructed.

Voiceover Both students and staff are excited about the new opportunities that the new Student Recreation and Wellness Center will bring, and they did not hesitate to express this excitement.

Coleman Duckworth I’ve heard a little about the new recreation center being built. It’s named after past president, Betty Siegel.

Adrienne Smith There’s going to be a lot more expansion on the cardio floor, and there’s going to be an indoor and outdoor pool.

Coleman Duckworth Currently I use the gym a couple of times a week. But, hopefully once the new facility opens, I’ll be able to use the different recreational activities, such as rock climbing.

Voiceover The new facility will include an updated fitness area, multiple courts for athletes, a multipurpose gym, rock wall, running track, indoor and outdoor pool, and rooms for student organizations to meet. The construction team is hard at work to make the plans a reality.

Cynthya Escutia I’m a transfer student from Lee University and I’m really excited about this gym, because my old gym had two treadmills and one elliptical. I think it was broken, honestly.

Voiceover Although students are excited about the new facility, it poses some concerns for them, as well.

Coleman Duckworth the only concern I could think of would be the increase in student fees in order to be able to maintain the facility.

Adrienne Smith I would appreciate a little bit more expansion; I just wish it was a little bit sooner.

Reporter With the rapid growth of the university recently, it comes as no surprise that they would want to expand the fitness center. This is Stephanie Butler, reporting live from Kennesaw State University.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

News Story - KSU Football - Lindsey & Whitney

Spooky Street News Story (DJ Vining and Shane Stone)

-Starts with me on camera giving lead and opening
-Shot of Evan Brandonisio
-Interview with Evan
-Shots of writers meeting
-Interview with writer John
-Panoramic shot of campus green
-Student gives thought
-Me on camera giving concluding statements

“A new radio…Halloween Season.” (00.00-00.20)
“We were able…Owl Radio”  (00.21-00.26)
“Here we see…the meeting” (01.25-01.36)
“We also…why” (02.06-02.09)

“Spooky Street…DJ Vining” (02.12-02.25)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Amani Channel's Edit

Keaton and Greg's W/Voiceover

Shena Crawford and Brian Sneed

Brittany and desirae 2

Getting Started with Video Gear: Noah and Tanner

Video Gear

Assignment #2 Broll

Stephanie And Chris

Top Gear (Editing assignment)

Keaton Wheeler and Greg Bieger

Getting Started with Video Gear by Lindsey & Whitney

Media Class Trek - Shane Stone

Keaton Wheeler DMP Video Project 1