Thursday, September 12, 2013

New additions to KSU by: Jessica Ibarrondo-Ramos

Kennesaw, Ga- Kennesaw State University is expanding. Recently there has been a lot of construction going on, on the Kennesaw State University campus. Rumors have been swirling about what exactly is being built around the KSU campus and for what purposes. There is new renovations’ being done next to the wellness center, in front of the student service center and behind it as well. Other construction has been taking place next to Kennesaw Hall and by the music building.

 We contacted a school official, Buck Harries, about the new additions to the school, he stated that some of the new additions include a sushi restaurant inside the student center across from the Chick-Fi-La and outside they are constructing a Tuscan grill Italian restaurant. These new additions are said to be completed sometime this fall semester. As for the other additions the completion dates are a little further out. The wellness center is the biggest expansion KSU is doing; remodeling and rebuilding most of the wellness center, adding in an indoor track, indoor swimming pool, new tennis courts and so much more.

They new expansion is geared more towards incoming students making the university more appealing to new applicants in the further semesters to come. Some of the work being done around campus is also merely cosmetic, such as the construction-taking place in front of the student center. The classroom expansions behind Kennesaw Hall, as well as the art museum being built near the music building and the expansion to the wellness center should all be completed sometime next year. Although the construction does get in the way of students who walking from buildings to buildings and all over campus, the construction is being done as much as “out of the way” as possible. Most of the new additions should be done some time this year allowing for the regular everyday life of students to get back to normal.

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