Thursday, September 12, 2013

Georgia W.A.N.D Protests American Action in Response to Syria, by Nakeshia Hill

Arriving at the CNN center Saturday, September 7, 2013, you would notice a group holding signs and shouting for peace. On a day many were enjoying Centennial Olympic Park's Fountain of Rings and the newest downtown Atlanta attraction, the SkyView Ferris wheel, protesters from the activist group W.A.N.D (Women's Action for New Directions) stood  with others across the street to speak out against the American government getting involved with the globally covered Syrian unrest. 

Different groups such as Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace and were also present to object talks of the US taking actions against the Syrian government. Charlie Abrams, a volunteer for the Revolution movement held a profound, yet simple sign pleading for rethinking in our culture. His message, "Look at the interest of humanity, not just America."

Organizing the peace rally, was the new Executive Director, Becky Rafter. After taking the lead in April, Becky has continued the mission of leading the organization in informing the people and standing up for those who cannot stand for themselves. The Georgia W.A.N.D. works to promote human rights, environmental justice, peace in action, and political empowerment. The 30th year anniversary is soon approaching and events like this help publicize the group and their mission. Her pressing statement, "Redirect funds to unmet human and social needs rather than militarism," leaves a feeling of purpose in one's mind about their local communities and abroad.

You can visit the site at and learn more about their events and get updates on social issues.

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  1. Thank you for posting about the No War on Syria protest, Nakeshia! and for sharing information about the work for Georgia WAND. Great piece.