Thursday, September 12, 2013

Softball For All Ages-John Storer

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Every Tuesday at a sports complex in Woodstock, Georgia known as Hobgood park, men over age 50 gather to play the great sport of softball.

The Cherokee Senior Softball league operates out of Hobgood park and is specifically for men over age 50, and has individual leagues for men of all skill levels. Whether you started playing ball at a young age and never stopped, as did Coach and Shortstop William Weaver of the Manley Brothers in that league, or are just trying to stay active as an older man, softball is a great activity to be involved in.

“I played baseball in high school and loved it. Then it got to where I was a little older and changed over to church softball.” said Weaver about his ball playing history. When asked about why he chose the Cherokee Senior Softball league he said “The age limit allows me to still play when I’m 50, so I joined this league because of the age limit.”

An incredibly hot topic in today’s society is staying healthy, especially for the older crowd and those who work monotonous jobs during the day. “You’re active every game. You’re moving, sweating off calories, and it keeps you active. So the older we get we need to be more active, so it (softball) keeps us healthier, both cardio and muscular.”

Some may feel intimidated by the idea of joining a softball league, but when asked about the requirements to play in the league he simply said “just be able to run, catch, throw and hit,” so as long as you have some basic amount of skill, you would have no problem playing in this league. The Manley Brothers have yet to win a game this season, and unfortunately lost their game last Tuesday eight to seventeen, so if you wanted to join up, it couldn’t do anything but help.

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