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Katie Clackum- Blue October Rocks in September

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Katie Clackum Blue October Performing at Center Stage Theater 09/08/2013

     Atlanta, Georgia- Sunday September 08, 2013 Alternative Rock band Blue October hit Center Stage Theater in Downtown Atlanta. A week into their "Sway" tour they were set to headline Center Stage Theater following two opening acts. First to go on was Tori Vasquez, a soulful Blues Rock artist from Shallowford Texas. Vasquez certainly held my attention as she displayed soulful charisma with some rasp in her voice alongside a scat-kitten sound you would expect to hear in a 1920s jazz bar. Next was the band Courrier fresh out of Austin Texas who had a great Folk Pop-Rock sound that the crowd and I seemed to thoroughly enjoy. There is a wonderful depth to their poetic lyrics, and they deliver them with a vibrant toe-tapping Mumford & Sonsesque sound. With such great stage presence Courrier put on an exciting show. Center Stage is a wonderful venue on the small side creating an intimate atmosphere when the house gets packed. The Theater is located on West Peachtree Street in North Atlanta. While the venue and the crowd were small, the bands all brought big sound.
     Blue October is a band from Houston Texas embarking on the "Sway" tour to support their latest album, "Sway", released on August 20, 2013. Upon arrival from the look of the line, barely wrapping itself around the Center Stage building, I didn't foresee there being much of a turn out. Though the Center Stage floor was full by the time Blue October took the stage. The venue being on the small side, made the small crowd looks large as everyone took up almost all the space on the theater floor. For what Blue October lacks in following here in Atlanta the fans certainly make up for in their passion for the band’s music. I interviewed a fan, Lindsey C., while waiting in line who said "Blue October has been an inspiration to me since high school...their lyrics and the way Justin [Furstenfield] (lead vocals, guitar)incorporates his personal struggles into the music has helped me through a lot in the past..." The band was on point that night and put on quite a show with dramatic lighting effects and a heavy yet ambient sound. With almost every song they performed you really couldn't help but "Sway".
     Blue October is currently signed to the band's own label Up/Down Records. The band consists of Justin Furstenfield as the lead vocalist and guitarist, Jeremy Furstenfield on drums, Ryan Delahoussaye on violin, mandolin, and keys, Matt Noveskey on bass and finally C.B. Hudson on lead guitar. The band formed in Houston Texas in 1995. Sway is their 7th studio album and debuted at #13 on the Billboard top 200. The band has upcoming tour dates across North America as well as in Europe.

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