Wednesday, September 11, 2013

De' Shonda Gordon's photo essay

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Joker, Stormtrooper, walking dead and others spotted in downtown Atlanta - Dragon Con is in town!  This year marked the 27th annual Dragon Con convention, a four-day event over the Labor Day weekend where some of the most creative people come out to play. According to the Dragon Con organization, this event focuses on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music and more.  In addition, Dragon Con offers workshops, exhibits, art shows and of course a parade in downtown Atlanta. I walked the streets of Atlanta and found some very interesting characters. I also met a woman from Tennessee and briefly spoke to her about her Dragon Con 2013 experience:
“Dragon Con is like Halloween in summer” she said. “My husband and I drove in on Tuesday and will be here until the end of the convention.”

I asked about the parade since I didn’t get there in time to see it. “We were able to watch the parade from our hotel balcony which was nice.” She added.  Talk about the having the best seats.   

The event didn’t happen without controversy.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Dragon Con co-founder Edward Kramer is facing multiple child-molestation charges in Gwinnett County.  Certain Dragon Con members threatened to boycott the event if he profited from it, but according to the article he no longer profits from Dragon Con conventions.

Not only is this a fun and exciting weekend, but also a boost to the Atlanta economy.  The Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau reported last year’s Dragon Con event as bringing in an estimated $40.7 million to the city of Atlanta. Dragon Con organizers predict at least 55,000 attendees this year (up from 52,000 last year).  Each year the conference attendance grows so the city of Atlanta can probably expect even more participants and revenue in 2014.

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