Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Construction to Better by Tabitha Hodge

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The Student Recreation and Wellness Center at Kennesaw State University is currently undergoing reconstruction to accommodate the increasing number of students and enhance Kennesaw’s overall appearance. The construction began at the end of spring semester, 2013, and will continue until fall semester, 2014.
The finished product is going to be three times its current size and contain racquetball courts, an outdoor pool, a 25 meter leisure pool, a climbing and bouldering wall and other features. With there being something for everyone, the new center is intended to encourage more students to work out.
As of now, the recreation and wellness center, or gym, has proven to be an inconvenience to both students and employees. Since about half of the gym’s facilities had to be closed off, employees were left without a break room, forcing them to either eat in the lobby or at the student center, and the students were left without locker rooms, basketball courts, tennis courts, a downstairs bathroom and XP room. Fortunately, things like the wellness center and bike center were merely relocated to neighboring trailers rather than doing away with it completely until the new gym is complete. Guess this is the price we have to pay for better.

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