Thursday, September 12, 2013

The World of Underground Music

The World of Underground Music

Edubb Red Cup Lyfe tour made it mark late August at the Smithe's Olde Bar in Atlanta. The show involved a variety of thriving indie rock, pop, and hip hop artists who took to the stage, to showcase their talent in the quaint establishment. This event was pivotal in bringing light to the world of underground music.

In recent years the music industry has made Atlanta it's home, and a thriving ground for up and coming artists. As the numbers of those musically talented increase, the opportunity to succeed on a larger scale has become slim. The expected sense of competition was far from what was displayed behind the scenes.

 The hip hop artist Wurld took time to speak with me about his passion, and reason for making music."It’s really just an independent movement right now, I honestly just want to get the music out, and connect with the people.", said indie hip hop artist Wurld. After speaking with him, and experiencing the sense of support for other artists, it became clear their passion for the art of music greatly outweighed the hopes of fame, and fortune. 

Behind the lights, speakers, and blaring tunes, there was an undeniable atmosphere of unity shared between the talented artists. The event displayed a side of the music world contrary to what commercial media generates.

Paige Gaines

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