Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pencils for Pupils

Wild Adventures Entrance

Teenager in Wave Pool
Child in Lion Photo

School Supplies Sign

Employees Collecting Supplies

Misha Hogan

Valdosta, GA. - Wild Adventures, an amusement park, water park and zoo all rolled into one, held an event called Project Pencils. Guests of the park received half off admission with the donation of school supplies. The school supplies go to Teacher Harvest, a project held by Second Harvest of South Georgia. Second Harvest of South Georgia is a food bank to more than 300 non-profit organizations in multiple counties in Georgia.

Schools in the area are most in need of notebook paper, pencils, erasers, glue sticks and folders. Thanks to volunteers and park guests, Wild Adventures reached its goal. From Aug. 31- Sept. 2, the partnership raised approximately two thousand dollars worth of school supplies.

“It’s important that we give back and help, especially when it’s for our children,” said Misha Hogan and events coordinator for Wild Adventures.

Wild Adventures is one of the largest tourist attractions is south Georgia and holds multiple fund raising events throughout the season. They are already planning for Project Pencils next year. To get more information visit: or

-Sherita Bond

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